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Milky, white, bitter, dark, with hazelnuts or almonds, served as a beverage, truffle on top of cakes… Chocolate! The most beloved candy of the vast majority on planet earth!

The theme park for the ultimate temptation, from November 15th, 2019 to February 16th, 2020, in Nicosia, Cyprus

The theme park for the ultimate temptation!

The Chocolate Factory and Museum is the theme park for the ultimate candy! In 2014, the gates of the park opened in Thessaloniki generating what soon became a frenzy and unrestrained enthusiasm, attracting visitors from neighbor countries and monopolizing the interest of the media.

The traffic numbers were even higher in Athens (from October 2015 until March 2016). The Chocolate Factory and Museum for 5 months welcomed hundreds of thousands of visitors who enjoyed the sweetest experience, learned the story and some of the most interesting and unknown secrets of the delicious candy, saw the greatest real-chocolate fall in Europe, tasted special chocolate combinations.

The enthusiasm and the appeal to the public exceeded any prediction, going beyond the borders of the country. Following the huge success in Greece, Rome, the eternal city, hosted the theme park afterwards, from November 2017 to January 2018.

Since the traffic numbers of the theme park were unexpectedly high and the reviews full of enthusiasm and praise, the Chocolate Factory and Museum has been awarded as the country’s top event and remains one of the most attractive and popular theme parks.

A delightful trip to the world of chocolate

Visitors of the Chocolate Factory and Museum go on a delightful journey and discover the world of the most irresistible confection.

Through the exhibits and different parts of the park, the Museum, the Amazon Jungle, the Quality Control Laboratory, visitors learn all the secrets of the cocoa cultivation, the harvest, the different stages of processing and production until chocolate is covered with a silver or gold wrapper, becomes a product and reaches the consumer.

Visitors also travel back in time, to the historical past and learn how and when chocolate started as a beverage first, gradually acquired fanatic followers and finally conquered the world as the most favorite candy of all.

With tour guides presenting all the necessary information in a highly interactive way and through the participation in chocolate events, visitors of the Chocolate Factory and Museum will enter the unknown and delicious world of cocoa and chocolate.

From November 15th, 2019 to February 16th, 2020, in Nicosia

Cyprus State Fairs Authority, Egkomi (Ilia Papakiriakou)

Operating Hours

Monday to Thursdayavailable soon
Fridayavailable soon
Saturdayavailable soon
Sundayavailable soon


General admissionavailable soon
Family ticketavailable soon
Group & Scheduled School Visitsavailable soon
Unemployedavailable soon
Children under 3 years of ageavailable soon
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can tickets be bought online?

No, visitors buy the tickets at the time and day they visit the park.

Is the theme park only for school visits?

No, it also welcomes free visitors. Scheduled school visits are held on weekdays, in the morning. However, visitors are also free to visit the park on weekdays.

Group visits, how many people does it refer to?

It refers to more than 20 people and a phone booking is required.

Should a phone booking be made before every visit?

Phone bookings are only made for group visits or school visits.

Are photos and videos allowed?

Yes, there is no limitation to photos and videos. Actually … they are necessary in order to make the visit in the theme park an unforgettable one!

Do visitors tour the park by themselves?

Once visitors enter the park, they are separated in small groups and led by an “animator” throughout the tour.

Are coffee and snacks available?

After the end of the tour, there is a coffee shop where visitors can enjoy drinks, snacks and meals.

Do visitors pay extra for the actions within the theme park?

No, the tour and all the actions during the tour in the park are included in the ticket price. Visitors pay only for what they chose to buy from the souvenir shop, the coffee shop or the dining area.

Following the huge success in Thessaloniki, Athens and Rome
it will next be hosted in Nicosia, Cyprus.

From November 15th, 2019 to February 16th, 2020

Cyprus State Fairs Authority, Egkomi (Ilia Papakiriakou)


+357 22008567 & +357 99524323
Email :


Cyprus State Fairs Authority, Egkomi
Ilia Papakyriakou


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